Made To Measure Shirts Made Easy

Made To Measure Shirts Made Easy

Made to measure shirts from a tailor are an excellent way to get a shirt that fits you perfectly. When you have a made to measure shirt made, the tailor will take your measurements and then make the shirt to those specifications. 

This means that the shirt will fit you perfectly, no matter what your body shape or size is. Made to measure shirts are also made from high-quality materials, so they will last longer and look better than off-the-rack shirts. 

And because they are made specifically for you, made to measure shirts can be made in any style or design you want. So if you are looking for a shirt that fits you perfectly and looks great, made to measure is the way to go.

Your Perfect Shirt

Made to measure shirts are made to your sizes but that is not to say that everyone likes their shirts the same. Some like them quite tight so that there is no excess fabric bunching up. Others like to have plenty of room and not feel constricted by the shirt. So give some thought to the ‘fit’ of your shirt and communicate this to your shirtmaker.

Your shirt, your way

Because the shirt is hand-made just for you, you can also choose the details such as the collar shape and style, whether to have a pocket on the front. Do you want to wear cufflinks or to have plain button cuffs? Have a think about the details and create your own personal style.

Choosing a fabric

Choosing a fabric for made to measure shirt can be tricky, but there are some things to keep in mind. If you wear your shirt daily, you might want to select a fabric that moves with your body. 

You might want something that dries quickly in a hot climate, or something thicker and heavier for colder weather. Some fabrics are ideal for both everyday wear and special occasions. Cotton, for example, is an affordable and versatile choice, but it can wear out more quickly.

Unlike ready-made shirts, made to measure shirts are unique pieces of clothing, and they take longer to make. There are many advantages to these shirts, including more customisation options. They come in a variety of different styles, fabrics, thread colours, and monograms. Compared to off-the-rack shirts, you have a much greater range of options.

Finding a tailor

When you want a tailored shirt, you can purchase one online or visit a tailor in person. A tailor will take measurements from various parts of your body to determine the best cut for your shirt. 

Typically, these measurements include your neck, chest, waist, hips, shoulders, arm length, bicep, wrist and back length. You can choose to have the shirt cut according to those measurements or a standard pattern. 

If you don’t have a specific style in mind, a good tailor will be able to make a shirt for you.

A tailor can make shirts from many different fabrics, depending on your style, and fit. Before you choose a fabric, consider what purpose you’re planning to use the shirt for. Different materials are better for different uses, so make sure to discuss this with the tailor. 

Some tailors even do alterations of your existing shirt if you’re not entirely satisfied with it. The most important aspect to remember when choosing a tailor is that they are trained to work with different fabrics.

A tailor will usually make your shirt by hand, although you can choose to have a machine stitched version. This method will reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the shirt. 

You may want to choose a maker with a longer turnaround time if you have specific requirements. You can also look for someone who offers a cheaper option. Ultimately, you’ll need to decide what your budget and timeframe are.

If you want to purchase a tailored shirt, you have a few choices. You can order one online or from a traditional tailor. Prices will range from as little as forty pounds to as much as three hundred. 

In the latter case, you’ll have to have an intermediate fitting. This will require a second visit to the tailor and takes slightly longer. But this extra investment in time is well worth it to get your shirt just right.

Fit guarantee

If you are looking for a made to measure shirt, you are probably wondering what the difference is between bespoke and made to measure shirts. Both methods use the customer’s measurements and a pre-made pattern to create a custom shirt. 

A pattern is an outline of the finished garment, which enables the manufacturer to cut the different parts to fit the buyer. Whether you choose bespoke or made to measure, there is a guarantee of fit, which is important to consider before ordering.

There are many pros and cons to Made to measure shirts. While the cost is largely similar to decent ready to wear shirts, some companies offer little advice and few customisation options. 

Be sure you choose a shirtmaker who is prepared to put in the time to get to know you and your requirements. Your relationship with your tailor can last many years and it is a good idea to find one that you like and can work with.

When buying a made to measure shirt, be aware that it is almost always subcontracted to an overseas manufacturing facility. It’s a common mistake to assume that bespoke shirts are made by a traditional shirt maker. 

However, this is not a bad thing. You are literally getting the best of both worlds – a tailor that you can be properly measured by and deal with face to face, plus the cost saving of having it produced abroad. 

Made To Measure Shirt Cost

A custom shirt is one that has been made to fit a person’s unique measurements. The shirt block is standard size, but the customer can request that it be altered to fit his unique proportions. 

Depending on the complexity of the design, the shirt may take up to 28 days to manufacture. The shirt’s cost depends on the quality of the fabric and the number of custom buttons used. However, the finished product is worth every penny.

Bespoke shirts are typically more expensive than their made to measure counterparts, but the quality is often superior. For a made to measure shirt from a high street tailor you should look to spend anywhere from £80 to £130 per shirt. 

For fully bespoke shirts these will be in the £150 – £250 region, again depending on the quality of the fabric.

A great way to learn about custom shirts is to set up an appointment with a custom tailor in your area. You can also visit a website to browse their fabrics and see finished products. During the visit, the designer will be able to show you the finished product. 

Make sure to bring along a list of designs and fabrics you are interested in. This way, you can see if you’re interested in having the shirt made to your specifications.

The cost is higher for a shirt that has more custom features. Additionally, the shirt may take longer to make. Having a tailor create a custom-made shirt requires a considerable time investment. 

The benefits outweigh the cost. However, it is important to consider that you may need to spend more than you originally intended.

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