• business IT support stirling

    Pay as you go support £75+vat per hour * Only pay for what you use
    * Remote or on-site support
    * No Contract
    * There when you need it

  • server support central scotland

    Pre pay support £50 +VAT per hour *Reduced hourly rate
    *Priority over PAYG users
    *No call out charges
    *4 business hour support

  • farmore IT support stirling scotland 2

    Remote Support £10+VAT per month System health monitoring
    Pro-aktive ™ support
    Remote desktop support
    Free upgrade advice

  • tablet and phone support stirling

    Gold Support £15+VAT per month No call out charges
    No labour charges
    Remote Monitoring
    Pro-aktive ™ support

  • Pay as you go support
  • Pre pay support
  • Remote Support
  • Gold Support

Our expertise is IT support. Our job is to keep your business up and running around the clock.
Fast and reliable IT support that fits with your budget and your business

farmore IT support stirling scotland 2

PC & Laptop Support

Our software tells us when your computer is about to have a problem – when the hard drive is badly defragmented or running out of space, when it is overheating, and when a virus has been detected.

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Server Support

Your server is at the heart of your business, controlling user accounts, email, system security, users’ files, shared workspace and your internal network.

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server support central scotland


Whether you accidentally delete a file, get a virus on your PC or suffer the complete failure of your server you can restore files in seconds or the entire system in under half an hour, even if the hardware is beyond repair.

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tablet and phone support stirling

Business Continuity

Never lose productivity Business Continuity is often associated with planning for disasters – and yes, that’s part of it. But how many of us actually think we are going to be the victim of a flood, a fire or a break-in?

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cloud computing scotland stirling


Cloud servers Imagine all of your company’s files in one place – central, secure and available 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection, with no need to back up your data, no need for a server in your office and no worries about making off-site backups.

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web design and development stirling scotland

Web Design & Development

Your website will often be the first contact a customer has with you, It needs to present your business in a clear, concise and professional manner whilst effectively delivering the information that the customer needs.

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