On-site support and proactive remote monitoring that keeps your system healthy at a fixed price.

How does it work?

Gold Support gives you unlimited remote and on-site IT support and monitoring for a fixed price each month.

Our ‘agent’ (a small piece of software) monitors your system’s activity and performance then reports back to us. It flags up anything from minor issues to more critical errors in real time which means we can take immediate and effective action to resolve the problem and remove further risk.

We’ll always try to fix issues remotely to minimise any business downtime either by taking control of your desktop or talking you through the process over the phone.

Our monitoring system performs over 100 checks including,

  • disk health
  • backup status
  • drive fragmentation
  • details of last virus scan
  • last anti-virus software update
  • amount of memory being used
  • how hard your processor is working
  • the amount of free disk space you have
  • last Windows security update

How much does it cost?

£15 + VAT per month per PC or laptop, including all remote work

For additional on-site work (networking, upgrades, equipment relocation etc) Gold Support

customers receive a discount of 33%.

No call-out charges apply.