Unlike traditional backup software that simply keeps a safe copy of your important files, Storagecraft’s ShadowProtect software holds a continuous live image of your PC, laptop or server which it updates the every 15 minutes throughout the day.

But because backup software is like insurance – in that you only find out how good it is when you have to use it, you may not know how effective your current backup solution really is.
In the event of a disaster – which could be anything from accidentally deleting a file, to getting a virus on your PC, to the complete failure of your computer or server, you can restore individual files in seconds or the entire system in under half an hour, either onto the same machine or onto a totally fresh computer.
You can also restore files or computers to an exact time in the past. So if you know when a virus got onto your system you can take it back to just before that. If you need to restore a previous version of a file, you can browse the backup and restore it from a time of your choice.

Exact State Restore

When a computer dies, or gets a virus, or is damaged beyond repair, you normally have to start again from scratch – a new install of Windows with none of your software on it, none of your documents and none of your settings. Not only is finding all the disks and licence keys a pain, but feeding them in and getting back to where you were can literally take hours, even days to complete.
With an Exact State restore, you can restore your image file onto ANY other hardware within 30 minutes and you will be sitting in front of YOUR setup – all of your software, all of your documents, your Internet favourites and shortcuts, even your screensaver is the same.
It really is that simple. Just ask your IT guys if you can do any of this with your current set up. You will see some very red faces.

The cost

We will install, configure, maintain and monitor your software for £5 + VAT per user per month.

This also includes performing a complete restore, if required.

The server version costs £70+VAT per month.

This includes installation, maintenance and daily monitoring to ensure that the backup jobs complete successfully but in addition, if your server should simply stop working for whatever reason – power supply failure, motherboard short circuits, RAID controller fails, hard drives crash etc, we will supply a temporary replacement server and restore your backup image onto that to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Once your server has been repaired or replaced, we will then transfer everything back to that. This gives you complete peace of mind that you are fully protected as well as the reassurance that down-time will be kept to a minimum even if the very worst should happen.

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