Never lose productivity Business Continuity is often associated with planning for disasters – and yes, that’s part of it. But how many of us actually think we are going to be the victim of a flood, a fire or a break-in?

The disaster-planning aspect is a bonus. If it is done properly, the planning that is done to mitigate against disasters can help your business on a daily basis.

If we set up your systems so that you can access all of your data, accounts, customer records, emails and documents from outside the office, so that you can continue to operate, who says you have to wait for a disaster?

With backup systems in place you can use them as part of your normal working routine – access files from home, email on the train, access accounts from abroad – basically it means that you and your coursework writing services staff can work flexibly all of the time – not just when you are in the midst of a disaster.

One simple question…

“What IT resources does your company need to go about its day to day business?”

Typically the answer will be:

Access to…

  • email
  • documents
  • internal phone numbers and company contacts
  • accounts
  • online banking

The solution

We will give you access to all of your business critical data and software so that you can carry on working wherever you are.

If you always have an alternative way of accessing your data, receiving and sending emails and getting to company accounts and contacts, you will never be caught out by disasters and you will be able to work and let your staff work from home – or in fact…Anywhere.

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