With our remote management software, we don’t just fix PCs and laptops, we prevent them from breaking in the first place. Our software tells us when your computer is about to have a problem – when the hard drive is badly defragmented or running out of space, when it is overheating, when a virus has been detected, when security updates have failed, when a backup has failed – we can go in and investigate and fix it before the minor issue becomes a problem. If an issue goes unchecked the best case scenario is that your computer will suffer from performance problems, and the worst case is that it will die with no backup.

Remote Support

As long as your computer is still online, we can take remote control of the keyboard and mouse and see the screen and perform a fix as though we were sitting in front of it. big source. Remote support is normally available instantly while you are on the phone to an engineer, but where one is not available immediately, we will aim to have an engineer phone you back within the hour.

On-Site Support

If we cannot fix your computer remotely, one of our engineers will come out to your office to diagnose and fix it on-site. Depending on the level of support you have you can get a guaranteed fix within 4 business hours. .