If you use one, your server is at the heart of your business, controlling user accounts, email, system security, users’ files, shared workspace and your internal network. We can support your server for as little as £35+VAT per month giving you peace of mind that it is being looked after and on-call support if anything should go wrong.
We can also upgrade (migrate) your server from 2003 to 2008 using a technique that minimises down-time during the migration process and reduces the overall time it takes, thereby reducing the cost.

We do the vast majority of the work in the background, meaning, you can carry on using your existing server until we are ready to switch one off and the other on. This keeps your down-time to a minimum and your staff productivity maximised.

Remote Management

We use highly advanced software to monitor and maintain your server. Not only does it allow us to access the box to perform maintenance tasks, it also reports back to our server to alert us to any potential issues to allow us to intervene at the earliest opportunity to resolve the issue before it becomes a problem.

The software reports over 100 aspects of the server’s health including:

  • Free disk space
  • Memory and CPU usage
  • Virus software status (when it was last updated)
  • Last virus scan
  • Backup success/failure
  • Hard disk health
  • Core temperature
  • Hacking Attempts

Unlike other support companies who simply react to problems and fix them after they have happened, we actively monitor your systems and ensure that they are always in the best of health and prevent such problems happening in the first place.

Microsoft Servers

We support the following Microsoft servers:

  • MS Server 2003
  • MS Small Business Server 2003
  • MS Server 2008
  • MS Small Business Server 2008

We partners of both HP and Fujitsu Siemens and can get access to exclusive deals that are not normally available direct to customers.