The 4 Best Bespoke Tailored Suits

Bespoke Tailored Suits

bespoke tailored suits
bespoke tailored suits

Following the team’s success in made to measure men’s clothes, they have created a new business, The Perfect Suit Company to supply bespoke tailored suits to the under-served Scottish market.

They have a studio and customer service based in Stirling, Scotland, and the suits are manufactured abroad. This means the most critical contact points are local whilst allowing the costs to be kept down by using tailors based in Nepal.

The result is that they can produce a beautiful, hand-made three-piece Italian suit in 100% pure new wool, lined in satin and with custom features to suit your style from just £750.

The same suit from a tailor in Savile Row would cost upwards of £2500.

The most important bespoke suits that a man can have would be two for business or work, a navy blue and a charcoal. These can be either three piece or two piece depending on your body shape and preferences.

After that you would want a casual suit. This could just be a nice tweed jacket and a pair of trousers. Technically not a suit as a suit jacket and trousers should all be made of the same cloth, but still a wardrobe staple.

The forth is a formal suit – normally a black dinner suit. In Scotland many men will opt for a kilt outfit as their formal attire but again this is entirely optional

You may think you will not get value out of a dinner suit however, they never go out of style and you will normally need one at least every year or two, depending on your lifestyle.

Bespoke men’s suits are often thought of as a luxury and only for very wealthy men. And it is true that they do cost considerably more than an off-the-peg suit. However, if you buy wisely and opt for a classic cut and timeless cloth, you can easily get 10 to 15 years out of a bespoke or made to measure suit

High quality cloths used in bespoke men’s suits are built to last. The quality of the natural fibres and the techniques used mean that they will withstand daily wear and cleaning

It is recommended not to dry clean a tailored suit more than once a year as the harsh process can cause unnecessary wear and can dry out the natural fibres.

Instead you should simply hang your suit for a day to air and brush it before returning it to your wardrobe

Follow these simple instructions and your bespoke suit will last you for many happy years.