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Tailored Shirts

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tailored shirts

For the last five years one of our main projects has been for tailored shirts maker, ShirtbyHand. ShirtbyHand have a business model which, to this day, is unique in the UK. They are an online made to measure shirt supplier who also offer appointments in person.

This means that you have the convenience of ordering online along with the great customer service that you get from a personal connection. Your first appointment is either in person or by video chat. You need a helper with a tape measure at your end for a video call but the accuracy is every bit as good as a personal appointment as you will be under the close supervision of a professional tailor.

Your tailor will discuss your requirements and determine your personal preferences and together you will create your unique profile.

Made To Measure

By combining the latest made to measure shirt technology and top class customer service, ShirtbyHand have been able to develop a system for quickly producing shirts that fit perfectly at a very reasonable price.

Shirts are turned around from measuring to delivery in under three weeks and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Priced from just £69, made to measure shirts have never been such good value.

Handmade Shirts

So instead of the usual choice of ill-fitting off-the-peg shirts or ridiculously expensive tailor-made shirts, ShirtbyHand offer tailor-made quality, a made to measure fit with online convenience at high street prices.

Long Sleeve Polo

ShirtbyHand have launched a new Spring Collection including their brand new long sleeve polo shirts. These combine the superb fit of a made to measure shirt with the timeless elegance of a classic polo.
long sleeve polo shirts
long sleeve polo shirts